Summer Photography Workshops - Jul 8, 2019

A 5-day Photography Intensive for students ages 13-17 offered Summer Break 2019.
July 08-12
July 15-19
July 22-26

Arts serve as the primary signature of a culture, carrying our individual and collective images and ideas from one generation to another. Arts are a distinctive purpose for learning; they provide tools for interpreting life’s experiences and developing a young person’s identity and sense of self-worth. Just as Art is an essential part of a person’s education, photography is an essential part of Art.
In today’s world, where everybody has a cellphone with a camera, giving students lessons in how to use photography for both interpreting and expressing their world is both a mission and an honor. World-renowned photojournalists and professional fine art photographers will lead the way in this week-long intensive session. Through experimentation on the streets and in the studio, students will gain skills and how to develop an “eye;” how to hunt down meaningful images and to tell their stories. Instructors will show them how editing, in camera and on a computer, can turn photographs into dynamic stories with meaning.
Participants must be dedicated to learning to better see and interpret the world through photography, and in developing their own style through practice.
Limited to 15

Date: Jul 8, 2019
Hours: 10:00 to 2:00pm

Price: 250.00 per person. ( If you register before Saturday 6, July 2019, the fee is 200.00.)

If you interested in coming along, please contact Armando Arorizo at the Perfect Exposure Gallery


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