The Perfect Exposure Gallery

The Perfect Exposure Gallery is the recognized venue in Southern California to display the work of award winning and accomplished photojournalists as well as works of photographers that regard artistry and craftsmanship as a standard of excellence.

Established in 1998 as a much needed venue for LA photojournalists and photographers, the gallery continues to create unique exhibits through contact with various media organizations including The Associated Press, Magnum Photo Agency, The Los Angeles Times, Getty Images, and Agence France-Presse.

The mission of the Perfect Exposure Gallery is to present exhibits free of charge to the general public with the goal to exemplify the rich variety and impact of photography, freedom of expression, the aesthetic, the contemptible, and the sublime. In addition, the gallery works with a distinguished group of acclaimed photojournalists to produce ongoing seminars and workshops for both adults and youths.

Photography Workshop with William Shepley

William L. Shepley has been a dedicated professional photographer and artist for over 30 years. His photographs have been published and exhibited since the mid 1980s. He is the principle photographer for three books and has exhibited his work in Manhattan, Los Angeles and other locations including Zion National Park, the United Nations and the Los Angeles International Airport. William also has numerous publishing credits to his name including, most recently, a photo spread in Shutterbug Magazine (August 2014)

William studied under the tutelage of Thomas Knight professor of Photography at Humboldt State University, CA. It was working under Knight that he learned how to shoot not just by the sense of sight but by the feelings of the heart. His principle photographic themes have been the epic landscapes of the southwest and the equestrian west, a fifteen year project to shoot the buckaroos of the Great Basin. William's contribution to the photography of the southwest has been cited in the book 'A Century of Sanctuary' commemorating 100 years of Zion National Park's preservation and the artists who have been inspired by it's profound natural beauty.

Meri Aaron Walker

Meri Aaron Walker

Long-time photojournalist, educator and fine art photographer, Meri Aaron Walker, turned 100% MOBILE early in 2010. Since then, she’s developed a whole new career - and a global reputation - as a mobile photographer, artist, juror and creativity coach.
Meri will be visiting the LA area the last week of March, 2016, and we’ve nabbed her to teach 2 mobile photography workshops at The Perfect Exposure Gallery.

Vamos a Cuba

Alejandro Ernesto Estrada

Photographer Alejandro Ernesto Pérez Estrada was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1971. From a young age he was fascinated by cameras and the power of light. He made his first images at age 13 and worked in a camera repair shop. At 17, he got a job at the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde and later, Bohemia magazine and the local news agency Prensa Latina. In 1999, he began his work as a photojournalist for the Mexican news agency Notimex, and in 2003, he accepted an offer of a position at Agencia EFE, a Spanish news agency.

Alejandro covers news in Cuba and abroad: Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago. His work includes a wide variety of images and feature stories documenting natural disasters, elections, presidential summits, demonstrations and the Pan American Games. He has captured personalities such as former President Fidel Castro, the current President Raul Castro, the late Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama and other political leaders in addition to sports and entertainment figures like Diego Maradona, Pelé, supermodel Paris Hilton, and Beyoncé.

His work has been published worldwide including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, the Guardian, ABC, El País, El Mundo and many more. Alejandro’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Cuba and abroad, and currently works as a photographer at Agencia EFE, in the Havana, Cuba, delegation.

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