Mexico D.F, Tlaxcala, Teotihuacan and Taxco. November 8-16, 2020. - Nov 8, 2020


I love Mexico. It’s a vibrant, beautiful country filled with friendly people, a vivacious energy, amazing architecture, and delicious food. There’s a lot more to Mexico beyond the stereotypes. One of the world’s great civilizations, Mexico offers a tantalizing blend of Meso-american cultures, Spanish traditions and contemporary arts. Mexico offers photographers limitless opportunities to photograph the people, culture and cityscapes.
As one of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City has a lot to do. You’ll find world-class museums, sprawling markets, tons of historic buildings, squares, parks, and sights. Despite Mexico City’s huge scale, most of its tourist attractions are all centered around a fairly small geographical area so it’s easy to see everything.

The Zócalo is at the heart of Mexico City and it encompasses the Templo Mayor and the Palacio Nacional. Situated just off the Zócalo is La Catedral Metropolitana a magnificent cathedral fortified with gold and a beautiful example of Spanish colonial architecture.
Taxco is just 100 miles southwest of Mexico City is one of Mexico’s most beloved colonial towns. Perched on steep hillsides, Taxco (“tass-ko”) was once a silver mining town and is now best known for its silver craft. There are many shops throughout the town to buy inexpensive quality silver jewelry! Taxco is picturesque with white stucco buildings with red-roof tiles, winding cobbled streets, antique churches, and romantic little plazas overlooked by bougainvillea-laced balconies. Because of the hills, Taxco’s streets have a roller-coaster feel about them especially if you take a ride in the Vocho (Beatle) taxis . Taxco is an authentic colonial city. It has been declared a national heritage site by the government and building regulations here are strict.
This is a cultural and street style photography workshop. Both your instructors have extensive photojournalism and education skills. We will be using nearly all our time from dawn into the night to shoot a variety of subjects and scenes including people, architecture and cityscapes. In the five days you will improve your skills while experiencing an amazing slice of the country. We will practice both candid and posed portraits taking advantage of natural scenes and light using supplemental lighting. All should return home with new found experiences and dynamic photographs

Date: Nov 8, 2020
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Price: $1995.00 per person.

If you interested in coming along, please contact Armando Arorizo at the Perfect Exposure Gallery


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